1. Oil is on suction side at lower temperature: No oil cooling required
  2. Better operating envelope: can operate at high condensing temperature
  3. No liquid injection required for motor cooling
  4. Unloading of chiller by switching off compressors; no moving part for unloading


  1. Lower Sound Level: Quiet Operation
  2. Low Starting Current: Smaller Generator
  3. DOL starting: Less Switchgear
  4. Only three connections: Suction, Discharge & Oil Equilizer

Service and Maintenance

  1. Simple design, highly trained serviceman not required
  2. Due to multiple circuits, complete shutdown is not necessary for servicing
  3. Redundancy during failure
  4. Runtime equalization of compressors – enhanced life of compressors
  5. Low weight compressor – ease of use handling/replacement


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